Supplier requirements

Compliance with Russian laws and regulations

Compliance of bidders with the requirements established by Russian laws and regulations in respect of suppliers of goods, works, and services to be procured.

No outstanding taxes or fees

No arrears on taxes, fees or other mandatory payments to budgets of any level or state non-budget funds for the past calendar year

Provision of respective services

Provision by the bidder of respective services for the period of three years preceding the bidding date

No suspension of operations

No suspension of the bidder’s operations as provided for by the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation as at the bidding date

No enforcement proceedings or seized property

No enforcement proceedings or seized property of the bidder imposed by a court decision if at the time of contract expiry the book value of the seized property exceeds 25% of the book value of the bidder’s assets according to the financial statements for the last reporting period


Availability of relevant goods, production facilities, process equipment, financial and labour resources, and permits that the bidder needs to provide services or work

Solvency and financial stability

The bidder’s solvency and solid financial status based on financial and operating metrics

No liquidation

No liquidation (winding up or restructuring) proceedings and no court decision declaring the bidder (legal entity or sole proprietor) bankrupt or initiating bankruptcy proceedings
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