Internal control and risk management

ChelPipe Group maintains and constantly improves its risk management framework and internal controls to provide reasonable assurance that it will achieve business goals as efficiently as possible and continue to grow.

Risk management and internal control frameworks are integrated in corporate processes, from strategic planning to operational activities, and involve employees at all management levels. They are implemented in a consistent manner as a set of regular procedures and methods based on economic feasibility and efficiency principles, individual responsibility and distinction of decision-making levels, timeliness and the objectivity of information. The risk management and internal control efficiency is subject to regular monitoring, independent assessment and continuous improvement.

Risk management serves to determine the acceptable level of risk for ChelPipe Group business units, outline procedures and methods for identifying events that may have an impact on the Group’s performance, plan and implement data and related event management measures.

Internal controls are tools used to increase ChelPipe Group efficiency by managing risks, ensuring compliance with legal and internal regulations, maintaining proper and accurate books and financial records, and safeguarding assets. They also include identification of potential wrongdoings and corruption and relevant preventive measures.
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