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Claim work

This section provides information on how to act when a non-conformity in product quality, quantity, or regrading is detected.

Types of non-conformities

Non-conformity of product quality
Deviation from technical (GOST, TU) or additional requirements established in the contract or specification (if available)
Non-conformity of product quantity
Deviation of the quantity of shipped products from the quantity stated in the contract or specification

Steps to resolve the dispute

How do I act when a non-conformity in product quality or quantity is detected?
Manufacturer or trader?
If you received products not directly from the ChelPipe Group, but from subcontractors or traders, please contact the supplier, not the manufacturer
Check the requirements given in the specifications to make sure that there is a non-conformity
Action under the contract
Read the contract with the procedure for filing a claim and act in accordance with it
Submitting a notification
Prepare a notification of non-conformity, attach the necessary documents and send them to the manager using the form
Fill in the form

Required documents

  • General description of the problem and the date it was detected
  • Information about the contract and order under which the product was purchased
  • Number and copy of the quality certificate
  • References to clauses of normative document (GOST/TU) or certificate according to which the product does not meet the quality requirements
  • Information about the product location
  • Requirements for the ChelPipe Group
  • Full name, phone number, e-mail of the initiator on the part of the buyer or final consignee of the product
  • Full name and signature of the buyer or final consignee of the product
  • Information about the quantity of non-conforming products: in pieces, meters, and tons
  • Bundle/batch numbers with non-conformities;
  • Pipe numbers
  • Supporting measurements (records, photo materials, etc.)
  • Photos of mechanical damage to products directly in the delivery vehicle
  • Photos of defects, including a general plan of the pipe
  • Photos of pipe marking
  • Photos of labels
  • Photos with the data produced by the measurements
  • Datasheet / certificate of verification of control instruments (measuring instruments, scales, etc.)
  • Certificate of qualification of the specialist who performed the tests or measurements
  • List of technological operations or production processes performed with the product, during which non-conformities were detected
  • On demand
Mandatory inspection of defects
Review within 30 days
Product photos
Supporting documentation
Checking shipment quality
Mandatory inspection of defects
Make sure that the detected non-conformity really goes beyond the acceptable values provided for in the product specifications and standards.
Review within 30 days
Try to fill in the form fields in as much detail as possible – this will speed up the claim processing time. The company will provide feedback on your request within 30 days in accordance with the law.
Product photos
Availability of photos with images of a specific defect or non-conformity will help you most accurately determine the cause and take the necessary actions to eliminate it. A photo taken directly in the delivery vehicle will allow you to create an objective picture and significantly reduce the time for reviewing the claim.
Supporting documentation
Additional documents, such as measurement reports, certificates, etc., may be required in the process of confirming technical non-conformities you have specified Be prepared to provide them at the request of a company representative.
Checking shipment quality
If you received products not directly from the ChelPipe Group, but from subcontractors or traders, please contact the supplier, not the manufacturer.

Filing a claim

max 10 MB
Optional. pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, zip
Application submitted

In the near future, our manager will contact you

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