Work at ChelPipe Group

Work at ChelPipe Group

We believe that unlocking human potential contributes to improving the company's efficiency and embracing our corporate philosophy based on the transformation of individuals, working environment, operating space and wider society.

Professional and career growth opportunities

enable you to have a full-time job, including as a production floor supervisor or an office manager, in just 1–2 years

Large-scale projects

breakthrough technologies and advanced approaches employed to challenge stereotypes about metallurgy

Comfortable working conditions

modern plants and perfectly clean uniforms, flexible schedules, competitive wages, regular bonuses, and a considerable benefits package

Respect and support from the team

focus on individuals, their personal achievements, and job satisfaction
Top 10
Largest global pipe manufacturers
31 years old
Average age of company employees
since 2001
Implementation of the employee VHI scheme
25,000 FTEs
Headcount in ChelPipe Group

Success stories

Constant improvements

After graduating from the university, I got a job as an arc welder at a large-diameter pipe manufacturing plant. Then I climbed my way up the career ladder, starting from the position of foreman to floor supervisor, deputy plant manager and, finally, plant manager. Then, at the age of 34, I was lucky enough to be appointed the head of Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant and become the youngest director of a Russian metallurgical company with thousands of employees!
Evgeny Gubanov Managing Director, ChelPipe

The sky is the limit

I joined the company in 2003, starting my career as an economist. Then I gained experience working in a variety of the company’s divisions and climbing my way up the career ladder. At the age of 35, I was appointed CCO. My perseverance, desire to grow and achieve goals, and teamwork skills helped me get through this journey. Those are the qualities that are typical of metallurgists, as they unite us and help deliver robust performance.
Denis Prikhodko CCO, ChelPipe Group

Feeling the company's support

I was lucky enough to be one of the first graduates under the Future of METAllurgy corporate programme. My story is a typical example of the metallurgist career path. After finishing a vocational school, I did compulsory military service in the affiliated military unit of ChelPipe Group. Later, I returned to the company and received higher education while still working there. Now I hold a senior position at an advanced manufacturing facility with a salary above average for the region. I have many things to be proud of, and I am glad that my achievements are associated with ChelPipe Group!
Alexander Litvinenko Head of Industrial Automation, Iron Ozone 32 EAF Plant

Achieving your goals

In 2008, I won ChelPipe Group’s competition becoming eligible for “task-oriented” training in Innovation Management at the South Ural State University. During my studies, I wrote more than 10 scientific articles and papers and came up with a master's thesis on the management of ChelPipe Group’s project portfolio. I started my career in the company as an expert in the implementation of strategic development projects. Now I head this line of business along with three other business units.
Maxim Maslov Head of the Investment Planning and Analysis Section, Economics Department, Finance and Economics Directorate under the Board of Directors

Focus on employees

Modern corporate healthcare centres, on-site and workplace medical facilities, children's countryside camps, recreation centres, sports and fitness facilities, and cultural venues are all readily available for the Group’s workers.

Financial support for employees covers benefits on the occasion of the first wedding, the Young Family programme, and gift certificates to the parents of first graders.
Focus on employees

Career opportunities for employees.

Corporate Talent Development Program. Chelpipe Group provides opportunities to develop the HR potential of its employees. The Power of White Metallurgy program trains managers to take up their target positions. The training is based on practice, master classes from top managers and expert practitioners. In 2016, the program was awarded the HR Brand Award. Over 6 years, the program has trained 708 managers, 57% of whom are promoted during the year.

Executive Development Programme

Chelpipe Group has several level programs for employees and managers, In the program TOP-1500 managers receive knowledge how to refract strategy for specific steps, look for losses, prevent injuries, hold meetings, correctly set tasks. Yesterday’s trainees can become honorary internal coaches if they have a deep understanding of the professional topic and focus on the expert trajectory of career development. Program - Trainings 2019 award winner - an annual award that is given to active companies that demonstrate the highest quality of their work and make a tangible contribution to the development of the HR industry.

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