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Chelpipe Group catalog

1220 mm

pipe diameter

65.5 mt

pipeline capacity

1.5 bt

oil transported

8900 km

total length
The Druzhba project kicked off on 10 December 1960 and was officially commissioned on 15 October 1964. Five years later, the Soviet Union faced the need to increase its export capacity, but the existing oil pipeline could not support new volumes. The year 1974 saw Druzhba 2 pipeline with a diameter of up to 1.220 m laid along the same route. In 1981, the third stage of the network was put into operation in the German Democratic Republic and Czechoslovakia.

Druzhba’s overall length is 8,900 km, with 3,900 km laid within the borders of Russia. It transports 66.5 mt of exported oil per annum. Since its launch, the network has carried about 1.5 bt of oil.
Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant was the key supplier of pipes for this project. In 1963, the plant launched the production of two half-cylinder large-diameter pipes (LDPs) within a short time to respond to the ban on their imports to the Soviet Union introduced by the West.
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